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Re: A3 DEBUT???

EVNMOFO writes:
> I have heard from some friends that Audi is planning the release of the 
> A3 model, which is supposed to be a VW GTI in Audi clothing and trim...  
> I understand that the premiere showing of this car will take place at the 
> German Auto Show sometime this month (September.)   Does anyone have any 
> info on the A3?   Will it have the VR6?   What's it all about Audi?
> Any info would be appreciated.

The A3 has already debuted in Europe.  Visit the Audi Germany
web site for some A3 stuff: http://www.audi.de

The Audi A3 is based on the same floorpan as the upcoming
fourth-generation VW Golf.  hence it has a transverse
front engine layout.  It will be available in many different
engine configurations including the 1.8 5V fours from the A4
and TDI.  "Quattro" will be offered, but it will not be the
same as the typicaly Audi quattro system.  It will be more
like the VW Golf Syncro system.

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