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Re: Resurface vs. 2-piece EMs

George Harrison writes:
> I've just dome some work on my '85 tqc including resurface of EM - needed 14
> thou skimmed off it (it had pulled one stud) and a very small crack welded.
> Only done 200 miles since rebuild so I can't report any poblems yet. I'm
> heading down to Ingolstadt in 4 weeks time for a visit to Audi AG and then
> on to Switzerland so fingers crossed a problem won't show up. 
> Looking forward to the trip; 16 ur-q from UK and 1 from Ireland (me) all
> heading in convoy thru France, and Germany stopping off at the Nurburgring
> on our way to Ingolstadt.
Hi there George!

My resurfaced EM on my '83 QTC has served me well for about 8 years now, 
and I'm contemplating the same work on the '88 5kTQW.  Personally I would
be surprised to hear that you experienced anything different.  

I'm sure that you will thoroughly enjoy the trek to the continent.  I am
so envious of you quattro fans in the isles, one since they were imported
there more years and two since you are a quick hop from such landmarks as
the Nurburgring, Stelvio Pass and Ingolstadt.  Make sure that you enjoy 
the trip enough to satisfy those of us who can be there only in spirit!

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)