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Re: Should I rejoin?

>QCUSA  I just got my renewal notice.  Should I renew?  It's now $40 up
>from $36.

Have they givin a reason for the 11% dues increase?  The pretty crappy 
financial statement really can't be used to judge just how the club is 
doing money wise BUT say they get 1400 members to continue their 
memberships that's a revenue increase of $5600....  Where is it going?

The bottom line is, Have you gotten your $36 worth and is it really worth 
$40?  If you don't go to track events your spending $10 per newsletter 
and personally I don't think that the Quattro Quaterly is worth 
$10/issue.....  Much more good information is passed along here and it's 
free.........  (Thanks Dan!)


Eric Fletcher
St. Louis, MO