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S4 HP & overboost--THE WORD

I just talked to Ned, and I can clear up some of the questions I put forth
earlier regarding the S4 overboost.

The 227 HP spec. DOES represent the 2.15 bar overboost pressure.  The sustained
output of the engine at 1.8 bar is somewhat less (anyone know?).  BTW, he says
head-to-head a `91 200TQ 20v  will outperform an S4 due to the slightly
higher boost in the 200TQ (1.88 bar) and moreover, better placement of
the intercooler in the 200TQ.

He's also looking for rear fenders for a V8Q.  If anyone knows of anything,
give him a call (360) 754-1411 (I'm afraid the rear end on my former V8 did 
not survive intact).

Dick Meyer
Applied Research Laboratory
Penn State University
State College, PA

91 V8Q 5-speed (RIP)
94 S4
70 M-B Unimog U900