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Re: quattro-digest V3 #995

In a message dated 96-09-06 13:30:43 EDT, Philip Ross wrote:

>One of them actually told us that this horrid surging was a "characteristic
of >the V8".

Dont you just hate that?  What a joke.  How many people actually believe this
and similar comments like "they all do that"?!  Why don't the service people
just say "We haven't a clue what is causing this and don't really give a
flip, even though we would charge you for every moment we would spend trying
to figure it out and make a killing, if you're dumb enough to let us"

I took my 5kcstq in because it had a surge at low speeds with light throttle
which I experience every time I pass through a small town (often) which has a
speed limit of 25 or 30.  I mean come on, it didn't leave the factory like
this and it should be fixable.  I was told that it is common for my model of
car and that mine is better than one owned by a mechanic of the very dealer
whose garage I was standing in.  It was clear to me that they had very little
interest in figuring this out even though, if they were telling the truth
about how many cars exhibit this malady, they could make a tidy profit fixing
all those cars. 

Well, I now have the satisfaction of knowing that I fixed a problem a factory
trained Audi mechanic couldn't (anyone surprised?).  Even if by accident.
 When I repaired my throttle position switch to correct the full throttle/max
boost problem I was having, this also cured the surging.  I think I'll write
the dealer a letter similar to this one and see what happens.  Maybe I should
be a little more diplomatic since the next closest one is 120 miles.

Ed Kellock
Lansing, IA
87 5kcstq
87 cgt 2.3