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Re: Radio Questions

I believe that you have the same radio as in my '90 Coupe ( Radio/
cassette unit,  small separate bass/treble knobs, 5 mode control buttons
below cassette door with larger central button, 6 station presets).  If so,
LCD display should light up whenever you turn on radio, and when you
turn on lights all control switches should light and LCD should dim (don't
need as much light at night as during the day).  For info, this is called
the "Wiesbaden" radio.

I might suggest writing to Audi headquarters; they should be perfectly
 to help you out for free.  I have had excellent luck using them.

The bulbs are a royal pain to get at & replace; you must remove the radio
(decode it first - you NEED the code no. for this), then pry off the
(look around plastic front where it mounts to metal frame; you should see
plastic prongs from faceplate. Push these in and pry off the faceplate 
carefully).  Once the faceplate is off, the bulbs must be cut out and new 
ones rewired in place.  I have used Radio Shack no. 272-1154 bulbs as a 
replacement.  As mentioned, cutting out the old bulbs and wiring in new 
ones is a major headache, largely due to lack of wire length.  First time
I did this I was successful; when another bulb burned out a year or so
later, I lacked sufficient  wire length; trying to open up unit to wire
to circuit board caused me to break the board & require a new radio.

if you do get the new bulbs in, be careful with the wire placement.  The 
faceplate can crimp the wire leads and cause a short if you're not carful.

If you do destroy the radio, you can get a rebuilt from Audi for approx. $75
plus your bad unit.

As far as lack of AM but working FM, I say this is the aerial.  I had the
problem on my Coupe; a new aerial fixed it.

Ray Calvo (porsray@aol.com)
1990 Coupe Quattro

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 From: KSMITH1@mailgw.sanders.lockheed.com
 Date: Fri, 6 Sep 1996 18:17:24 -0400
 Subject: Radio Questions
 I have the pleasure of driving a recently purchased '88 90Q.  However, 
 no radio information was provided with the sale.  The radio appears to 
 be original.  Do any of this group know where I can obtain a 
 xerographic copy or original of the directions for US radios?  
 The radio has a liquid crystal frequency readout on the left-hand part 
 of its faceplate.  This does not light up a night as I would expect, 
 nor do the radio controls below it on that side of the faceplate.  
 Should I expect it/them to?  If so, are the responsible lamp(s) 
 ameniable to replacement, given reasonable electrical engineering 
 skill, or are they embedded in the faceplate in the manner of avionics 
 The AM portion does not function except for noise.  The "amplifier" 
 (rear window heater/antenna interface) mounted on the left D pillar 
 meets all voltage and current tests described in the new Bentley 
 service manual.  Is that unit a likely cause, or is the radio itself 
 more likely to be defective, based on historical experience?  (Please 
 self suppress generic flames directed at Audi radios.)  With the 
 amplifier-to-radio coax cable disconnected at the amplifier, and a 
 wire connected to the coax cable center lead, one (presumably strong) 
 AM station was barely detectable in the noise.
 Thank you in advance for any responses.
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