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RE: coupe Q braking

Mike Tipton wrote:

"When you "lock" your wheel under hard braking, the law of physic's takes over.
Stopping a car cannot be effective unless the wheels are turning!  ABS!!"

Actually, as stated in the owners manual, and experienced on the street:  ABS
may actually increase the required stopping distance.

What ABS does is allow you to control what your car does under maximum (panic)

I attended a Polizei driver's safety course.  They had some specially modified
BMW's with an ABS on/off switch.  I had my 200tqw with this as a standard

I would perform their tests/exercises two (or more) times.  Once ABS on, once
ABS off.  The ABS did marginally reduce the stopping distance in comparison to
ABS-off.  The major difference was in the emergency lane change maneuver.

Scenario:  You max brake for whatever reason, then figure out that you're not
gonna stop in time.  Watcha gonna do?

ABS on -- that's easy, just keep on braking and move over into the (hopefully)
clear lane.  No muss, no fuss, no drama.

ABS off/non-equipped -- Uh oh!  I have to take my foot off the brake, then
swerve, then straighten out, then more braking.  A much more complicated
maneuver, not easily accomplished without practice.

Joe Yakubik