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Waterford QCUSA event


	I visited the QCUSA driving school in Waterford, MI yesterday,
just to watch.  There were quite a few nice Audis there.  Karen claimed
they had approx. 40 cars (actually, fewer cars, but with some multiple
drivers, so, 40 'entries').  There were quite a few 5KCSTQs, most of which
appeared to be modified somewhat.  There were a couple A4s, '91 200TQs,
S4/6s, a V8, and quite a few Ur-Qs, and 90-based CQs.  There was also a
turbo 4000 Quattro that made alot of noise!  Unfortunately, they had some
more work to finish on the front end yet, but it had flared fenders ala
Ur-Q.  Looked pretty wild.   One of the later CQs had 17" wheels!

	Expect PDQSHIP to report on details of the event.

4Later, ---------------------------------------------------------- 
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