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re: 3rd gear doin' the grind

>From: jpmahala@juno.com (John P Mahala)
>Date: Sun, 08 Sep 1996 00:46:26 EDT
>Subject: 3rd gear doin' the grind
>For a while, my '91 coupe quattro has had this nasty habit of grinding
>it's way into 3rd gear if I take 2nd gear above approx. 5000 rpms
>before shifting.  Chances are that this is not the norm and I am
>curious as to the advice you guys might have on this problem.  Should
>I start looking for a new clutch?  A new tranny perhaps?(Please, dear
>God, no)  Would adjusting the clutch help?  If so, how does one go
>about doing it?
>Right now I am planning on having the tranny oil changed and hopefully
>that will solve the problem.  I am not going to hold my breath though.
>JP Mahala (jpmahala@juno.com)
>'91 Coupe Quattro

What you describe is a (my) worn 3rd gear synchro.  Double clutching 
and matching engine speed to tranny speed will allow you to shift 
without grinding.  I drove mine for 6-8 months like that.  It is 
unlikely that new oil will cure the problem, although it may reduce 
it somewhat.  When you are running over 5000 rpm, you are probably 
shifting faster than at lower rpms, and thus beating the slow 

The parts to repair this aren't that bad - check the archives for a 
friendly dealer who can get you the synchros - I think I had 1,2,3 and 
4th all replaced.  It seems the cost for the synchronizers was around 
$100 for all of them.   

Then find a shop who can rebuild it...The labor to do mine was $500
or so.  I found an independent transmission shop who said they could
do it, but they couldn't get the parts except through the local
dealer - I bought the parts, including the clutch and pressure
plate, and they installed it....

Allan D. Morris
Phoenix, AZ
1988 90Q