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Re: Coupe Brake Upgrade

R. Tonge writes:
> I have just replaced the front 9.4" solid rotors on my 81 coupe with 10.1"
> drilled and slotted ventilated Brembo's. I also had to replace the
> calipers with scirocco 16V units (used from Campbell Nelson in Seattle)
> ...
> My only concern now is that the pedal moves about half way down its stroke
> to fully operate the brakes - I assume this is due to the increased piston
> area in the 16V calipers compared to the original coupe items.

Yes, the larger caliper pistons is what's causing this.  I have done
a similar conversion to my 4000 (everything that you have done plus the
change to rear disc brakes, also from Scirocco 16V).  I did experience
a somewhat different feel in the pedal, but it was not too bad.  The 
braking performance is vastly improved, and I didn't feel that a change
of the master cylinder was necessary.  Only a small adjustment to the
brake proportioning valve (the one that's actuated by a spring connected
to your rear suspension beam) was all that's needed.

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