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Re: Oily Balls? (Don't start with me...)

Hairy green toads from Mars made STEADIRIC@aol.com say:

> What I'm saying is (And After looking back at the Z-Car racecar notes it 
> happened ONCE there also.....  grrrrrrrrrr) that if you use water-wetter 
> in a cooling system that has Phosphate free no-freeze in it you will get 
> these ugly little balls of water-wetter that look just like oil in the 
> coolant..... It's not fun seeing that in your expansion tank........  It 
> seems to go away after a few months.  The other thing though is I have 
> yet to see the claimed drop in temp using the expensive red juice....

Well, I've had water-wetter in my '89 100Q for the summer, along
with the "official" autobahn antifreeze. I never noticed any oily
balls, but I didn't look a whole lot. There aren't any now, so I
can't say for sure if they're gone, or haven't formed yet.

I agree wholeheardtedly that there is no real drop in temperature.
I put the stuff in since my old, tired radiator is getting a little
too hot for my taste. No change. Still gets too hot. Time for a new
radiator, I guess.

> My advice, Save yer money and yer heartache and skip the water-wetter

At least your money.


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