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Re: 3rd gear doin' the grind

In message <960909123811_74543.407_EHH86-2@CompuServe.COM> "Paul C. Waterloo" 
> > For a while, my '91 coupe quattro has had this nasty habit of grinding
> > it's way into 3rd gear if I take 2nd gear above approx. 5000 rpms before
> > shifting.  Chances are that this is not the norm and I am curious as to
> > the advice you guys might have on this problem.  Should I start looking
> > for a new clutch?  A new tranny perhaps?(Please, dear God, no)  Would
> > adjusting the clutch help?  If so, how does one go about doing it?
> > 
> > Right now I am planning on having the tranny oil changed and hopefully
> > that will solve the problem.  I am not going to hold my breath though.

> Sounds like good advice, make sure you use synthetic oil, I recommend Mobil 
> 1, it has solved shifting problems in two of my cars.

Not an unfamiliar problem/condition for owners of 911s.  The 2nd gear synchros 
on my own are toast, (have been since I bought it with 10,700 miles) giving the 
same problem.  The solution (at least with the 915 or 901 tranny on a 911) is to
momentarily pause in neutral, then "ease" the shifter into 2nd (down-shifting 
requires double-clutching).  If this solution works for you, there should be no 
rush to tear into the tranny just to replace the syncros.