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Re: Audi to enter NATCC?

Re: Audi in NATCC:

My husband, Marshall, worked at Champion Porsche/Audi in Pompano Beach
(north of Ft. Lauderdale) until Nov 95.  Champion won the GTS (I think?) at
Sebring in March with Hans Stuck driving.  The company put a A4 quattro in
some "endurance" race at Sebring on Friday night before the 12 Hrs.  Bill
Adam, the ESPN Sportscaster, put some time in that car and was the co-driver
with Hans for the 12 hrs.  

When we left Florida in May, they were lobbying for factory funding to race
quattros.   AND they were looking to sell the Porsche racecars (one was
already sold when we left). They are the only Audi dealer I know of with an
interest in racing and the "deep" pockets. the dealership owner's family is
in diamond/gold import/export business.

Lindsey B.
Proud new owner of a 4ks (with over 200k miles and in need of attention)
At 07:43 AM 9/9/96 -0700, you wrote:
>     An aquaintance of mine was nosing around the NATCC paddocks at 
>     Vancouver Indy and reports the following:
>     "Spent a few moments talking tech  w/ Bob Leitzinger at the Jeff
>     Andretti car.  Along comes an engineer (English chap) from
>     PacWest who is overheard saying that both Audi and Volvo are
>     headed to NATCC in 1997 with full works efforts.  Apparently the
>     Audi effort has originated from the U.S. and is lobbying for
>     factory support.  Volvo's discussions had been initiated since
>     the Mid-Ohio round of the series."
>     Is there truth to this? Can anyone confirm or speculate?
>     All hail and rejoice! (Whoo hooo! - Homer Simpson)
>     /J.
>     '88 80Q