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Re: 5sp gear shift knob

At 07:47 AM 9/9/96 -0700, you wrote:
>The leather on the gear shift knob on our 87 5KTCSQW is disentegatring  and
>so I looked at it closely and was not able to determine how it come off.
>Does anyone have thoughts as to replacing the gear shift knob (with new or
>where to get used ) and how the thing comes apart?
>Al Callery

If you carefully remove the circular plate on top of the knob, (the shift
pattern) the leather will peel off the wooden knob. If you sand it a bit
with light sandpaper, and then spray it with a polyeuathane spray, it will
have a nice protected wood finish. When it dries, use a strong glue to
re-fasten the label to the top.
I did this, and it came out real nice!