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Re: 4kq exhaust...

I purchased one from him ( Blau) in the fall of 94 for my '87 4Kcsq.  After
18 mo. the muffler was pretty well rusted on inside and where plumbing
attaches. Some welding at the local shop is helping me  get a little more
out of it but time for a replacement 2 years and 40,000 miles.  The
Original system lasted about 7 years and 120,000 miles. So I'm not
particularly pleased. Don't know what an Cat back would cost, but at 3
times the longevity I could afford to pay more....

The Blau unit, side by side looks like a factory unit and installs easily
(according to my Mechanic.); however, I questioned at the time whether it
may have used a softer steel - and now I'm sure it does!! 

I emailed Jim about this several month ago and never heard back from him -
perhaps I should have followed up with a phone call as I never got a

> From: John Mallick <mallick@orion.crd.ge.com>
> To: quattro@coimbra.ans.net
> Subject: 4kq exhaust...
> Date: Tuesday, September 10, 1996 8:14 AM
> Anybody out there have experience with the 4000q exhaust sold by
> Blaufernugen?  Fits OK?  Lasts a reasonable time?  Price looks pretty
> good... 
> John Mallick