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Re: RE: HELP! - Fault Codes

Thanks for all the input - this list is an amazing source of knowledge!  So I
guess I need to go to the dealer after all.  I can't get the codes I need
from the climate control, only with a special tool/computer at the dealer.
 Oh well...

On a more pleasant note, I did a little high speed cruising last night on
Hwy. 316 between Athens and Atlanta.  I got her up to a buck twenty-five for
a couple of bursts.  Wow!   The CQ was on rails, steering felt great, and
braking to 60 was awesome.  These Qs are truly at home over 100.  BTW, the
D60s were superb.

Thanks again for the info.  I'll post results after I visit the dealer.


Kennon Hines
1990 Coupe Quattro
Atlanta, GA