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Re: [Q] - 874KCSQ Clutch pedal

William Murin wrote:
> If the pressure regulator is what I've been calling a proportioning
> valve, then yes, it is leaking.  Benn leaking for quite a while now.  I
> top off the fluid every couple of weeks.
> Bill Murin

 It seems there is no need to replace the master or slave cylinders.
The brake proportioning valve.(just below the M/C) Leaking caused your
fluid to go down in the res below the hose to the clutch M/C. All you
need to do is:

1. Replace the proportioning valve.
2. Bleed the brakes.
3. Bleed the clutch M/C and slave. Not an easy thing to do without a
pressure bleeder. You can try a one man bleeder(hose that goes over
bleeder, with a check valve built in and pump the sh#t out of the clutch
pedal by hand). worked for me.

Good Luck


1991 200Q 
1995 LHS ( wish it were an AUDI)
1985 4000SQ