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Re: quattro-digest V3 #1010

>Did your Valentine have the laser detection circuitry?  I've often
>wondered about how effective it would be in such a situation...

Hi Steve.

No, I had deliberately elected to buy it without one. It is about as important 
as a cupholder on any car this side of a Toyota Camry. I do not believe in 
avoiding a laser trap, this is years of studying Optical Quantum Generators 
(aka "lasers") speaking. The laser beam is highly focused and coherent, which 
means it does not scatter. At a distance of 1 km it may very well yield a spot 
of a few cm in dia. So, virtually no chance of getting a stray signal bounced 
off some letargic Roadmaster fearlessly doing 67 in a 65 mile zone in the fast 
lane in front of you.

It can also be pointed pecisely at you, no more "excuse me officer, it ain't 
no my red TQ with the MOMO FERRARIS rubberbanded with Z rated SP8000s on 
cross-drilled everything and a four point harness, that masta been that 18 
wheeler doin' 115mph".

Also the light travels at 300000km/sec. What is your best reaction time?

The only thing a laser detector is good for is to let you know that you are 
being zapped, which is hardly worth another $100 Mike Valentine wanted for it.
But the radar part is absolutely the best on the market, and I had them all, 
from $49.99 jobs wich could not tell a VG2 from a microwave oven to a K-40 
with dual antennae (@$800).

I recall a study conducted by good folks @ "Automobile" several years back.
Their conclusion was unanimous: yes, you have a chance of avoiding a laser if:

your car is black,
your headlights are completely taped black,
your windshield is completely taped black and 
you don't have a front plate 

but here we are only one step shy of the full blown stealth technology,
for crying out loud.

So get a Valentine w/o laser and spend that $100 on a good CB, Steve.

Later :o)

Igor Kessel,
'89 200TQ, chipped and MOMO'ed through out,
in Tornado "arrest-me-officer" Red;
'88 Fox, "the FOX-machine";
ex '85 5000s, "the EE's nightmare"
Phila PA, USA