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Re: Valentine power pinouts?

On Sep 12,  8:11am, Glen Powell wrote:
> Subject: Valentine power pinouts?
> Anyone know the pinouts for power for the RJ11 jack used on the V1?
> -glen


Check the archives for my long dissertation on tearing the
interior of an A4 apart.  I described the pinout there.
I'll look for it later on today if you can't find it.

By the way, Igor mentioned something about needing both
switched and unswitched power for some reason.  Not sure
why... if you're wiring an RJ-11 plug for the V-1, you need
only two wires (+12 and ground, you decide whether you want
it to be switched or not).

Also, in my aforementioned diatribe, I mentioned that the
V-1 has polarity protection built in.  I certainly don't
guarantee it, but I know that I connected mine backwards
and powered it on by mistake, and after a whole bunch of
swearing, reconnecting and praying, it worked fine.

Dan Masi