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Throttle Body Mod., mpg

>Just thought I'd share a quick observation.  I installed
>the Schaumburg throttle body some 600 miles ago.
>Immediately after the install, I filled the gas tank, so
>that I could measure mileage.  I then proceeded to drive
>the car, but had my foot pretty heavily into the gas pedal
>for a few days, as I was trying to see what kind of difference
>the modification made.  After 200 miles, I decided to refill
>and then drive normally again.
>Mileage for my A4Q has been consistantly 23mpg, for the kind
>of driving I do.  It has never been lower than 22.25, never
>higher than 24.0.
>For this first 200 miles of spririted driving with the modified
>throttle body, I got 24.0 mpg.
>Just refilled my tank yesterday, after another 350 miles of
>"normal" driving.  Registered 25.0 mpg.
>So, just some data.  We'll see what happens on the next tank,
>but it looks like the TB may bump mileage up by a good 5%.
>Dan Masi
>'96 A4Q

I thought I must be crazy, but I've found the same thing.  I drive mostly
short, around town trips, and drive pretty hard. I avg'ed. 19 mpg, and have
increased to 20 mpg after the mod. WIN-WIN!

Chuck Price
96 A4Q