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RE: 1990 coupe buzzing and suspension.

On Fri, 13 Sep 1996, Duff, Ian wrote:

> Thirdly, could it be the hatch buzzing? Mine was Really Annoying,
> Bentley has an adjustment procedure if it squeaks, and lubing the gasket
> with a sillycone lube will do wonders for your sanity if that's it.
> >were NOT
> >able to find the source of the buzz and rattle that has been invading
> >my
> >aural space for the past 8 weeks.  One guy claimed it was the K&N
> >filtercharger.  It is not the heat shield next to the cat because that
> >has

Yep, have same rattle. Check REAL carefully (VERY difficult to see) but 
the seam of the cat is REAL close to the tranny, and under load @ low 
rpm's it rattles against it. Havent figured a cure for it yet 
though...there just isnt a pantload of room there...


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