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Re: Exausting Stud Controversy

I'd have to agree with Igor, on leaving the head in the car is the 
easiest, and least costly.  Especially just for studs change. I have 
done it both ways and there's alot more involved time and part wise.

With the head off you might as well get a valve job and new seals.
This is the best way to justify the expense of a head R&R.

If you remove the intake manifold first, this give's you alot of access
to all the exaust studs quite well. I also removed the airbox and set 
aside the injector system, to facalitate access.

The biggest problem is the "dental work" you are about to do with a 

What I learned from a Lockeed engine man, whom removed broken 
thermocoulpe studs from engine burner cans, was to use a Dremel tool
with a very small bit, to make a "pilot hole" for the larger drill bit.
That way if you messed up with the Dremel, it would be a small boo boo!
Instead of going for the gusto all at once with the drill.
You could even make a pilot hole with the drill!! Its just the strange
angle you will be drilling at, that make's it tough.
You must have "overwhelming patience" in this situation.

Dont forget when installing the new studs, use alot of "Anti-sieze"
compound on them.  It will make next time, that much easier!