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Re: A4 Remote Entry

In a message dated 96-09-14 19:26:29 EDT, dan_masi@MENTORG.COM (Dan Masi)

<< My favorite thing about the Clifford is that when you unlock
 the doors, it turns on the interior lights and they remain
 lit for 30 seconds, or until you start the engine.  Do
 factory-remote A4s do this, too? >>

Every Audi does this these days, whether it has remote locking or not.
 Simply using the key in the door lock lights the light when unlocking and
extinguishes it when locking.  The same logic applies with the remote
control, but it has nothing to do with the aftermarket system, it is part of
the switching logic on the car itself.

Another feature, trivial but handy, is that when you withdraw the key from
the ignition, the interior lights illuminate.  Nice when you need to gather
up a few burger wrappers and other miscellaney before opening the door (esp.
when it's raining).  As mentioned, the light is extinguished when the car is
locked (remotely or with the key) or it times-out after a couple of minutes
if the car is left unlocked.