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Pwr window regulator, manual sunroof

The passenger side motor/regulator assembly for my 86 Coupe GT is a mess.
The springs are twisted, the cables are worn, etc.  I would like to make
the power window work again, but I haven't had much luck finding a used
motor/regulator assy.

Does anyone have a spare laying around for a reasonable price (say $50
plus shipping)?
My manual sunroof has also been giving me problems.  The driver side of
the track seems to bind up even though I lubed it with household 3-in-1
oil.  It has a brush-type cable, and Bentley just recommends "oil" as a

Can I remove the rivets from the track assembly and open it up for a
cleaning?  Will I be able to get the track back together?

If I get the cables moving smoothly, is there a fix to prevent the cable
drive gears from slipping?

86 Coupe GT