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Re: 4KQ Feulishness

Pat, how many gallons, or liters, of fuel, does your 4kq hold?  What
size tires are on the car? What type of motor oil are you using?
How many miles are on the engine?

Alot of different aspects, effect fuel consumption.  The trip computers
on alot of the Audi's work on an "average scale", not absolute scale.
The computer is giving you an average figure, based on average driving.
The trip computer on my 86 Coupe, always reads 425 miles if I fill the
tank to the rim!  But on the highway at 70mph average speed, I'll get
about 325 miles to the tank, on average. Which is a 12.? gallon tank.
Thats about 26mpg on the freeway.  In the city it gets about 17mpg
I haven't played with the adjustment on the back. I never found it
nessary to try to fine tune that aspect of the car.

A quattro, weighing more, should get less milage.
However 425 miles on a tank, with a larger capacity tank is not unusual.

A large aircraft, with some 51,000 gallons of fuel, in one trans pacific
flight, burns more fuel, than you could in 65 years, driving your Audi!