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Re: Synth Oil Sillyness

>Found this statement:
> 2. Additives in oil might be different in new oil than old, which cause
> swelling and changes in seals, causing leak.
>Well, while I worked at Lockeeds aircraft rework facility, We had a
>problem develop when the introduction of synthetic oil caused "problems"
>with seals on engines, props and gearboxes.
>These problems were leaks, reduced seal life, etc...  Just like on our

The base substances used to make synthetics either shrink or swell seals,
and need to have additives added to modify this effect. This is why one
cannot mix different synth oils. The additives may not be compatible.

It's also possible, as Mike pointed out, that seal integrity can be
compromised by the use of an oil incompatible with the seal's compostion.

If you encounter weeping seals after a switch to synth from dino, you
should either stop using that brand of oil (another brand might not shrink
your seals), or replace your seals with ones of a different composition (if
that can be determined).


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