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Re: Batteries

Glenn Lawton wrote:
> Steven Buchholz wrote:
> > As regards the shorting out issue ... I am very sensitive to that.  The
> > bottom of the seat is foam, and I used the OEM battery's plastic cover to
> > protect the (+).
> I also duct tape on a large rectangle of cardboard for belt and suspenders sake.
> Glenn Lawton

FWIW,  (Since I needed to put in new battery cables anyways) I just
converted the cables to side terminals in my old '80 4K (which also
stored the battery under the rear seat).

Bought a side-terminal battery and didn't worry about the seat bottom
anymore.  And with the battery strapped into place, the only way the
terminals might contact the side of the battery tray would involve an
impact large enough that I'd have other, more pressing concerns!


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