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More laser stuff

This is taken from the web article on Laser Guns:
 <For example, with the LTI 20.20, even vehicles that are 5 feet to the side 
of the target vehicle could be the ones measured! The deviation grows 
increasingly with measurements taken on curves or with measurements that 
aren't directly in the line of travel (cosine effect), although to the 
advantage of the target driver, the speed displayed is less than the actual 
speed. So it's possible to measure vehicles that aren't in the direct vicinity 
of the target.>
The whole article is available at http://www.motorists.com/laser.htm ( as 
previously posted)

One thing I notice here is that as the angle of measurement increases, the 
difference in the speed indicated by the laser gun and actual vehicle speed 
increases in favor of the driver. This would indicate that traveling in the 
lane (on multi lane roads) farthest from where the laser traps are normally 
setup would result in the lowest speed reading. Here in WA state, I ususally 
see laser or radar traps set up using the left side of the road. So this says 
I should drive fast in the slow (right) lane.