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Re: Considering 90 20v Q


If you are not aware of cheaper sourcesfor parts or do not live in the
Toronto, Ontario area and need help locating parts, call.
Regards Bill

> From: Nick Deutsch <deutscn@operatns.mohawkc.on.ca>
> To: Duff, Ian <iduff@charter.com>
> Cc: 'quattro-digest@coimbra.ans.net'; 'Robert Randall'
> Subject: RE: Considering 90 20v Q
> Date: September 16, 1996 2:54 PM
> Ian, I own a 90 Q20 valve sedan, it`s a great car, had it for 2 and half

> years, 
> has 225 thou kilometers, runs like new. Problems: only one, brakes tend 
> to vibrate badly because of worn rotors, I have to do mine again soon. 
> Price is very stiff on those rotors, I spent almost $900 Can. the last 
> time. In fact you can expect to pay BIG money for parts in general, 
> because the coupe and 20 valve is relaltively rare, so the price is sky 
> high for parts. If you can live with that, they are fantastic cars!!