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Wow, expensive in Canada, Eh?

On Mon, 16 Sep 1996, Bruce Kaye wrote:

         86 brown wagon 106K km cloth interior, one owner from Montreal (back
> east car), no service records, poor paint (looks good but lots of touch-ups
> - over spray on wheels) all electrics seem to work,small signs of rust,
> Dealer asking $12,999 (Can) + GST 7%

Unh - uh.  Sounds like a painter.

>         87 black wagon 106k km showing (est 140k intermitt speedo), grey
> cloth interior, one window switch not working, ABS warning light on, noisy
> steering rack (replaced two weeks ago), poor paint (bush scratches),
> passenger seat heater intermit., no rust, computer clock reading 00:00:00
> most service records, A/C works questionable , private asking $10,000 (Can)

This sounds like a decent prospect.  All the "problems" you mention are 
easily fixable with less than a grand if you do your own work.  If the 
body is solid, and it just needs paint, the car sounds like it would be 
worth 3 - 4 grand here in the USA At the most!  I'd offer him 5K CAN, and 
don't be too upset if he says no.

>         88 red wagon, 166k km, black with grey inserts leather interior,
> very clean, new steering rack, recently replaced exhaust manifold (one
> piece), all service records, clean , good paint, private $13,999 firm 

Sounds nice, but again, way too much $.  I have seen these in the Toronto 
area for 5 - 6 grand.

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