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Re: brake pads and EC

At 00:21 9/14/96 -0400, STEADIRIC@aol.com wrote:
>Except that the Stock 5KCSTQ pad is a DS11........  And it aint' enough 
>on a 5KCSTQ.....  Go Cool Carbon Green, Turn up the radio and stop on
>a dime hot or cold.

the stock pads i pulled from my '91 200q (back in '94) were a Ferodo 3411.
what the diff is btwn a 3411 and a DS11 i don't know...

i do know that ipc, my local parts shop, and a dealer commented that the
*current* pad may or may not be a Ferodo, even though that's what was
originally spec'd.  ipc said (tho i didn't order) they'd most likely be
Textar or Jurid, both of which brands i've used in the past (street use) and
they seem just like OE--that is, work fine and are dustier than *&^%%$.

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