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Re: A4 question list

Jerry Pretti writes:
> >> 3. when you are driving w/o the ac on, does warm air flow out of the 
> >> vents? is this normal? i thought it was fresh air, but it is too warm. 
> i believe you can get warm air when you may not want it if the climate
> control is set to a temperature warmer than your interior (i.e., the system
> wants to warm things up).  i've found turning the climate control off
> (setting temp to 'hi' or 'lo') lets fresh air in without mucking w/ it.
> it would have been nice to have a simple auto/manual switch to control the
> climate control - or is there one that i've missed?

You can manually turn off the A/C compressor, you can manually adjust the
air direction, distribution and fan speed, you can make the system go
'hi' or 'lo' as you describe above.  That's as "manual" as you can get!

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