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RE: DC owners get together

I was thinking a 11:00 am or so...lunch at 1:00
or so, leave by 4:00???  Its up to Bart though.

Bart, what do you think?  Meet at your house
around 11:00...leave by 12:30?  That should
minimize the annoyance to the neighbors and 
Dora  :-)


From: 	Mark Hilbush
Sent: 	Tuesday, September 17, 1996 11:58 AM
To: 	Mark Hogan
Cc: 	'Bart Chambers'; 'Jim Griffin'; 'Jon Linkov'
Subject: 	RE: DC owners get together


The date and location are both fine with me.  In fact, the date is great.  
this be a daytime or nighttime thing?  

My 8 year old is going camping that weekend, so I was planning to bring my
spouse along (even though she refers to the Audi as the money pit)!  How many
others plan to bring along spouses?

BTW, Mucho thanks to Unka Bart for offering to stage at his house.  

Mark Hilbush

> From: "Mark Hogan" <mdhogan@msn.com>
> Date: Tue, 17 Sep 96 00:23:08 UT
> Subject: DC owners get together
> So far we have a few people getting together.  No real 
> consensus on where, but ol' Unka Bart offered his house 
> as a staging area to head on down to a great crab
> house just south of Annapolis.  Probably 25 Min from
> Baltimore, so not too far out of the way.  I say we go
> with that unless it is a hardship on others (especially
> those who might be traveling from some place farther
> away.
> As for a date, how about the Sat. of the Columbus day
> weekend?  Those of us leaving the loved ones behind 
> due to their handicap (lack of Audi enthusiasm) would
> still be able to spend at least two days with them...
> Let me know...
> Mark Hogan
> Bethesda, MD
> 90 V8
> 94 Safari awd
> 88 Trooper II 4wd
> 89 BMW K1
> PS If you need to reach me, office is (301)918-0090  x 17