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Re: Sludge in brake resevoir

Hi, Orin, 
you are wrighting:

>As per (Eric's?) suggestions, I made a 'pressure bleeder' from a
>junkyard resevoir cap.  No need to drill a hole in it if you get
>one with the float and switch and 'gut' it!  It is still a pain to
>bleed the clutch - it is so easy to get air in that little chamber
>that feeds the clutch master cylinder.  There must be a better way of doing 
>the clutch - maybe by making a container that has a connection on the 
>bottom that the hose can be connected to then filling the container with 
>brake fluid and pressurizing it.

This is my set up EXACTLY. Works like a dream and its the only way to bleed 
the clutch COMPLETELY.

I am using an old freon tank as the air source, had to braze some 
fittings/pressure gauge/pressure regulator to it.

One more thing. Get a spare cap for the coolant expansion tank and run a 
tire stem through it. You will get an excellent pressure tester for the 
cooling system. No more testing for the leaks on the hot engine, no more 
mess/burned fingers. Just connect it COLD, apply 20psi of air pressure and 
watch for the leak. Throw a sheet of white cardbord under the car, makes it 
easy to pinpoint the leak.\

Igor Kessel
'89 200TQ, chipped and MOMO'd through out,
in Tornado "arrest-me-officer" Red;
'88 Fox, "the FOX machine";
ex '85 5000s, "the EE's nightmare"
Phila PA, USA