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DC owners get together (fwd)

Mark wrote:
Hi Guys and Gals,

> I was thinking a 11:00 am or so...lunch at 1:00
> or so, leave by 4:00???  Its up to Bart though.
> Bart, what do you think?  Meet at your house
> around 11:00...leave by 12:30?  That should
> minimize the annoyance to the neighbors and 
> Dora  :-)

I responded, (but forgot to change the address to the list...sigh...)

That's perfect!  I'm sorry I haven't gotten back sooner, but that was
exactly what I was going to suggest.  How about sunday for a rain-date?

>>> Anyone planning to attend, please email me directly at
and I will send you directions (if you tell me where you are coming from).