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Re: 4bangers @ 12sec

On Wed, 18 Sep 1996 PDQSHIP@aol.com wrote:

> Graydon writes:  All it takes is money.....
> ...  I would add, go to the 1/4mile track any weekend....  Not a lot of money
> (sub 1K) is spent on the Mitsu/Eagle eclipse/talons and it IS the cult car of
> hot rod choice these days....  2 liters pushing 400hp (and yes, very
> driveable), no nitrous, just IC, computer and turbo mods....  Inexpensive and
	I just checked with the Talon home page, and it seems they've 
been busy this summer.  Dave Buschur ran a 11.12 @ 123 mph at Norwalk on 
7-12-96  without nitrous!  His car is a highly modified '91 Talon TSi.  
Buschur has written a FAQ for the homepage that shows how to get into the 
13s for less than a grand with a Talon/Eclipse/Laser.

Check it all out at http://www.dsm.org

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