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Re: Road Skill

On Wed, 18 Sep 1996 PDQSHIP@aol.com wrote:

[bunch of stuff]

please read the next paragraph a couple of times before replying.

like i said, i'm not going to get into an apples to oranges comparison
between a 172 bhp stock a4q and a gazillion bhp M3.  the M3 wins, ok?

my point is that if you equalize the braking and the bhp i'm not
convinced that 50-50 and LSD is better than AWD.  look at the racing
results.  tell me why the audis are beating the bimmers, even with
a weight handicap and an uneven weight distribution.

as for 50-50 weight distribution and limited slip being the holy grail,
i don't agree one bit.  i have a miata with a torsen rear end and the
ideal 50-50 weight distribution.  you think i'd choose this over the
q on a wet or snowy day?  you'd have to be smoking some serious weed
to think that!   no doubt a miata's no M3, but 50-50 and LSD doesn't
automatically turn everything into an unbeatable combination either.