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IR Filter info

I got this from the generous Paul Caneiro <PCaneiro@squareone.com>
Reposted with his permission.

Time to give them REO's a little heat.

        Forward 100W H3 IR beam array ready, Keptain.
        Fire at will.

>To: "'esw5@cornell.edu'" (Ernest Shui Leung Wong) <esw5@cornell.edu>
>The you can use the fog light of your choice as long as it is less then
>5" in diameter,
> the important thing is the lens
>Edmond Scientific
>Large 5 3/8" Diameter Infrared Filter
>Part # A60,033
>Cost $39.95
>You need to wire the Fog light so that it turns on with the ignition
>You need to mount the lens to the Fog ligh with BLACK silicon calking -
>this prevents light seepage
>I hope this helps