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Re: Audi exhaust guarantee?

Re the recent thread on exhaust systems, in the original brochure for my
'88 80 it states that the Audi exhaust is 'in part stainless steel'. So far
mine has held up well: 122k miles, it's still all original and looking
fine. I gather from the list that the rubber donuts are something to look
out for, is this also true for my car?
As for the 'in part stainless steel' bit, can anybody tell me what *isn't*
stainless? Is that just the cat? Or has the steel just been near a batch of
stainless in the plant? Isn't stainless steel supposed to last forever?
Has anybody on the list with a similar vintage/model car (partially)
replaced the exhaust? (Apart from Ray Calvo, whose report I read)

Inquiring minds...


1988 80 1.8S FWD (122K miles and not exhausted by a long shot!)

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