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Re: brake fluid anyone?

Eric wrote:

> Your problem can be traced back to the fact that you went out on the 
> track with crappy pads.... Sorry but that's the bottom line.  Slagmasters 
> and OE's CANNOT Handle the sustained brake temps that are generated at 
> the track. If your going to run at the track you have to use good pads.  
> (Cool Carbons, Pagids, etc)  I have Never had fluid fade at the track 
> with CC's and ATE Blue.

That's exactly the point: I used ATE Blue together with Pagid RS4 (blue)
on a all my Group N race cars like a BMW M3 (E30) and Opel Kadett GSI 16V.
In Group N you are not allowed to modify your brake systems and even on
very demanding tracks like the old Nuerburgring I never had any problems
with the ATE Blue!

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