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Group discount for Valentine One

To all those who were interested in the possibility of a group
purchase of Valentine One detectors,

I called a few minutes ago, had at least ten, perhaps twelve
units to order as a group ( depending on the final price )

The sales woman  ( Penny ) told me that they had a strict
policy of having NO GROUP DISCOUNTS. She told me about
companies from Taiwan buying one hundred at a time and
still paying full price. 

They DO NOT sell factory re-conditioned units, Mike Valentine
is fanatical about QUALITY, and does not do that kind of stuff,
besides they almost never have detectors go bad...

Yes they do occasionally have returns  ( under the 30 day
money back return policy ) but presently they have none in stock.
When they do have them, they sell for $359  a 10% discount.

I tried to explain to her that there was a large
price differential from "lesser"  detectors,
and she proceeded to give me a complete tirade
regarding the benefits of the V-1 over other
 ( mere mortal ) detectors. I informed her
that we had seen a complete five/six page writeup
from Mike Valentine on the net, and knew all about it.

Well then, she explained, we should have no problem seeing
that it was well worth the extra money........

Perhaps I should have asked to talk to "Mike", somehow
from the tone of our conversation, there did'nt seem to
be any point.

So, the bottom line is, you can just get on the waiting
list or whatever for a factory returned unit, or pay $399
for a brand new one. Do not expect to see them anywhere else
but directly from Valentine.

Alan Cordeiro