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custom coupe exhaust

-- [ From: human * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --

so, I get home at 4 AM and replace the connector hose. all is well.

The next day i go next door and up in the air she goes.  drop the pipe
behind the cat (ok a pro torched the bolts for me) and take a look.  Hmmmm
all that comb and no honey?  A piece of the cat ceramic honeycomb was lodged
in the first curve of the next pipe - sideways.  So I um cleaned out the
offending bits of honey comb and reassembled.  Nice happy audi.  A bit
louder, but a bit faster? a bit better mpg?  

OK OK I'm going to put a new cat on it right away but, here's the question: 
I am tempted to get the high flow cat from JC Whitney, use just the one rear
muffler from my junk 5000 turbo and a piece either of custom bent pipe or
the JCW corrugated bend it yourself pipe to join the two.  Then I'll have my
new found free breathing exhaust pleasure and be de-noxoided for the EPA. 
The other alternative is just to stay stock, quiet, simple, purrrr.

Q1 will the 2-1/2" hi flo cat they sell which is 14" long fit in the little
cubby where my existing one is?

Q2 anyone ever use the corrugated bend-it-yourself exhaust tubing?  I don't
mind going to a local bender except I used to have a buddy who did it and
I'm nervous about any one else's work.

Q3 to the experts - does this seem to make sense?  will I get less back
pressure and not too much engine noise?  The old 5kt I had had most of its
exhaust noise in the low bass which was kinda cool.

82 coupe gt