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M3 in the wet, not much audi content.

 I have had 5 Audi's, 4 of which had the Q blessing, including my current
love, 1990 Coupe Q.

IMHO- There is no use comparing the two companies.  Even though I loath BMW
(I live in LA.  There are about 18 in view at any given time) I ended up in
an M3 between Quattros.  I didn't know about this list, and couldn't find a

To make a long story short, I MISS my M3, and I had a 1989!  That car was
balanced, predictable, fast, FUN, rarely slipped, and absolutely handled
better than my current Coupe Q, even in most wet situations.  It had very
wide, lo profile tires, so it was squirmier at times (especially in the
snow)- but at no time did I feel "unsafe."  That car was a BLAST.

I have since driven the 1996 M3, and I can say the car handles SOO WELL that
it's almost boring to drive.  PERFECT handling, no where close to any stock
Audi I have ever driven, including the S2 I got a short taste of in England.

Do you guys know that the BMW driving team actually PRAYS for RAIN during
their races?  These cars handle very well in foul weather.  Remember- they
are German!

We may all be Q fanatics, but credit must be given to the M.  It is one
serious piece of gear.  And remember that it will come with a 320+ HP engine
OUT OF THE BOX soon.  Any audi come close to that?  We are still putzing
around in sub-200HP zone on most cars!!!

Given the choice between a brand new M3 and my 1990 Coupe Q,
I'll take the coupe, thank you.