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RE: Snows

Hi, Mark,
you are asking:

>Igor, where do you find the Nokia NRW snows.

I've gotten them from:   G&G Service
                         4073 Hubertus Rd.
                         Hubertus, WI 53033
The person to talk to is Greg Galinsky

>Also what's the difference, if any between Nokia NRW and Nokia 
>Hakkapeliitta 10 referred to in another post?

Hakkapelitta 10 is a predecessor of NRW. The main difference: Hakka's are 
NON directional and noisy.

>I haven't seen them locally.  Do the mail order places like Tire Rack,
>Discount Tire, etc. carry them?


>How do the prices compare w/ other brands? >For 185/65/14 Blizzaks and 
Pirellis are ~$70, Dunlops are ~$50.

My 195/65/15 were $81 ea.
My buddy's 185/70/14 were $63 ea.

Hope it helps