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Info if possible

In message <Pine.SUN.3.91.960923144506.756C-100000@marjoram.compnews.co.uk> Mike writes:
> First of all, thanks for a great day on Saturday at Woburn :-)

It went even better than _I_ expected.

> Secondly, I had a good look round a 84 model QT, which I was quite 
> impressed with. Its had a respray in *red* (if only I could get a non red 
> one....) which is a VERY good job, the wheels are like brand new, and it 
> has lots of history with it.
> Apparantly it has a new gearbox, clutch, cylinder head and a `brain' 
> (which has been modified to give 275BHP). The exhaust is a 3 Inch 
> stainless system with only a backbox, which exits on a 5 inch pipe.
> The interior is not too bad, maybe just could do with a good valet to get 
> that looking like new.

A new gearbox costs around seven grand. It might be fun to see the receipt.

> For some reason the seat heater swith on the right hand side has been 
> wired up as a fuel pump cut out switch, which has me a little concerned, 
> but he did say the heater elements had actually 'burnt out`.

Neat immobiliser.

> The talking dashboard is wired into a seperate speaker under the dash 
> board, but only works when it wants to.

Not many people bother with it.  The wiring varies by year - sometimes all 
speakers, sometimes front left only.  Some people move the voice to front right 
(makes more sense in the UK) and many just disconnect it anyway.

> The Registration number is: B100 BDA, and the guy who owns it is called 
> Simon, living in North London.

Roger Galvin has the database.

> Any rough idea on how much it would be to get the heated seats working 
> again, and also get the talking dash to talk when it should do?

The repair to the heated seats is extensively documented in the microfiche.  
The existing elements are left in place and new ones slipped in through 
strategic slits.  It's all drawings, though.

> Should I choose to purchase it, I will of course be joining the club :-)

Do _that_ anyway.

> P.S Were you the guy in the F reg with all the German service manuals and 
> the CO tester in the boot?

Guilty as charged.  Why does fate place the dirtiest car in such a place of 

 Phil Payne

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