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RE: A4Q Bra

Do they have any sort of way I can find their locations? Like an 800
number maybe? Or how about a Web page? Failing that, could you ask them
where they have offices in Massachusetts or Rhode Island? TIA.


Ian Duff, 1990 Coupe quattro 20v, Red/Black

Home: New Bedford, MA, USA
Work: Charter Systems, Inc., Waltham, MA, USA

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>Subject: 	RE: A4Q Bra
>Please don't put an ugly bra on you pristine A4!! There is a company
>here in Bellevue, WA called StonGard. As far as I understood, these
>places are all over (look up StonGard in your local phonebook, you
>should find one, if not, I can call the place here and ask them for a
>list of their stores). They use a 5 mill (hate those non metric units!)
>thick polyurathane coating that goes on the front of cars, and I am
>going to have my A4 done as soon as I can afford it. It costs $300 for
>the entire front of the A4, including the lower black front air dam,
>bumper, about 8" up the hood, and 50 mill thick applications to the
>headlights. They have a custom template for nearly every car there is.
>The stuff is GREAT! It is very hard to see on darker color cars and
>on white cars looks good. I first saw it on a friends Ferrari 512. He
>lives to race his cars (and is doing so with his twin turbo porsche in
>germany right now... sigh :-), and swears by the stuff. Peter
>just had the lighs on his 200q done and it cost <$45. If you are a
>skeptic, just stop by and ask them to show you some pictures of cars
>they have done, I saw the owners 911, and it looked very nice as well.
> -reiner
>>From: 	fringe@netcom.com[SMTP:fringe@netcom.com]
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>>Subject: 	A4Q Bra
>>Does Audi make a bra for the A4?  What is the best bra for the A4?
>>My A4Q arrives in about two weeks.  My current car has been thoroughly
>>dinged by road gravel on the low hood and grate - will the bra prevent this?