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Wastegate springs

Since Charlie seems to have disappeared, I pulled my spring, measured it
and did some Web surfing.  Seems there is a stock spring almost
identical which costs < $7 in quantities of 3.  However, I haven't found
a stock spring which will work for increased boost.

Most prices I saw were $40+ for Q1 which makes Superchips price of
$50 for their spring reasonable.

If there were a stock spring which would work for increased boost,
I'd expect the price to be ridiculously cheap in quantities > 10,
probably less than $5 each!

BTW: my spring was 2.165" long, 1.460" OD, .115"  wire and the rate was
     about 25lb/in.  

     I figure a 2", 1.5" OD, .135" wire spring with a rate of 55lb/in
     should do the trick for about .8bar boost (shim for a little more
     boost) with a reasonable safety margin (rates are +/- 10%).