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Re: CIS Adjusment plug - PN

>> For those of us who have defied the evil CARB/EPA and removed the
> aluminum
>> adjustment plug for duty cycle tweaking, we couldn't find the Audi PN for
>> the rubber plug w/grab wire - but since they're the same for Unka Bart's
>> 'other mode' of transportation, here's the PN:  Air Flow Plug  911 110
> 934.
>> I believe the price was $3.90...
>I've NEVER seen an Audi with this plug still installed.  In fact, I've
>never seen one of these plugs, with or without grab wire!
>It's a good idea though to keep the crud out - I just called the local
>**** dealer and ordered one.

Could somebody please tell me what is it you are discussing here?
What plug? Where is it? What grabber wire?