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Re: DC owners get together (fwd)

Hi Mark,

> Anyone still interested?  I recieved no responses (except 
> from Bart and Kevin K)

I've gotten a few, so it looks like we're in business for:

Sat, Oct 12, arrive at Bart's around 11:00 AM, depart in group for lunch
about 12:30

Directions have been e-mailed to: (you and)

Jim Griffin <JGriff@pobox.com>
John (last name???) <jb@access.digex.net>
Mark Hilbush <73441.73@CompuServe.COM>
"Peter Grul" <pgrul.warm@Veda.com>

Anyone who has not received their directions to my place, please drop me
a line.

I've also talked to our beloved Listmeister and Ernest Wong.  Any chance either 
of you might make it?  If so, I'll send you the directions from Baltimore if
you give be a buzz.

How about the rest of you DC folks, Tom Forham, others...?
Dan Simoes <dans@ans.net>