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window and door seals, etc.

Hi gang,

anybody out there know of a good source for items such as new window 
seals and misc mouldings for the early (er) cars?

I'm trying to get everything together for my project and I've tried a 
couple of places including German Parts and Restoration, but no luck.

On another note, can anyone verify wether or not any of the early 2dr 
4k's came with 1piece door glass?
I have heard from a couple people that they did, and from others they 
The car I have has the 2 piece, of which 1 vent window is broken.
Since I need to replace that and I'd really rather have the 1pc glass, I 
hoping somebody out there knows for sure.

Thanks again all,

Todd Candey                       89 90q 
Elk Grove Village, IL             81 4k 5+5
USA                               85 4ksq